The mission of English+ is to open the world of schooling in English to Brazilian students who are unable to access anglophone schools in Brazil due to financial or geographical limitations, in order to prepare these students to attend university abroad if they so desire or simply to improve their career prospects in Brazil by strengthening their command of math and English.


English+ uses Vamoo, a scalable and highly interactive online platform, to offer English and math courses with live instruction in English before or after school to the many Brazilians who study only part-time (meio período) in middle and high schools. These courses follow the U.S. Common Core curriculum and are designed to prepare students for university entrance exams in anglophone countries and to help students develop the knowledge and work habits suitable for introductory-level university coursework.

English+ guides students to anglophone universities appropriate for their work ethic and level of academic and linguistic proficiency as determined by their engagement and performance in English+ courses. In addition, English+ helps pair students with universities offering financial assistance and, though Access Capital, with corporate and individual funders in cases where students require resources beyond the assistance offered by universities to which they are admitted.