Amherst College

Amherst College is located on a rural campus in Amherst, MA, about three hours from New York and two hours from Boston. It has around 2,000 undergraduate students, about 10% of whom are from other countries, and accepts approximately 36% of early-decision applicants and 10% of regular-decision applicants.

The SAT or ACT is required at Amherst for international students. Competitive scores* range from 1410 to 1550 on the SAT and from 31 to 34 on the ACT. The minimum TOEFL score for admission is 100.

Amherst meets students’ full need with financial aid and is need-blind in admissions for international students (those who request financial assistance are not less likely to be admitted). The average financial-aid award for international students is approximately US$69,000 per year. Amherst does not offer merit-based scholarships to international students.