Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT is located on an urban campus in Boston. It has around 5,000 undergraduate students, about 10% of whom are from other countries, and accepts approximately 7% of early-decision applicants and 6% of regular-decision applicants.

The SAT or ACT is required at MIT for international students. Competitive scores* range from 1510 to 1570 on the SAT and from 34 to 35 on the ACT. The minimum TOEFL score for admission is 90, but 100 or above is considered competitive.

MIT meets students’ full need with financial aid and is need-blind in admissions for international students (those who request financial assistance are not less likely to be admitted). The average financial-aid award for international students is approximately US$57,000 per year. MIT does not offer merit-based scholarships to international students.

* Half of admitted students score within this range. Twenty-five percent of students score below it and 25 percent score above it.