Program FAQ

What is the purpose of English+?
The program’s purpose is to replicate the experience of a bilingual school for those who cannot afford such a school, which often can cost between R$5,000 and R$10,000 or even more per month. We seek to emulate, as far as possible, the American School of São Paulo (“Graded”), where everyone studies in English. Our aspiration is that all Brazilians, especially the most needy, have access to daily schooling in the English language with highly fluent teachers, including native English-speaking teachers like at Graded.

Is English+ an English course?
English+ is not an English course. It is much more: an online simulated school in which classes are taught in English. Through daily live immersion in English during middle and high school, students absorb the language gradually and eventually become fluent. They also graduate from the program strong in math, the focus of the program’s courses.

How does English+ fit with a student’s schooling?
In Brazil it is common for underprivileged students to only have access to half-day schools. English+ serves such students in the other half of the day so that they have a full day of learning. Students begin the program in middle school and can remain in the program through the end of high school if they meet certain performance and engagement targets each semester.

Do students need to know English to enter the program?
No. The program is designed to accommodate beginners. Students learn English in the program gradually throughout middle school and high school. Most students entering the program at the beginner level, although students who already know some English can enter the program at more advanced levels.

Why does English+ focus primarily on English and math?
English+ is a social-mobility program that seeks to help disadvantaged youth build earning potential for adulthood. Many studies show that fluency in English and competence in math are two of the rarest and most valuable traits in the Brazilian labor market. A secondary reason for the program’s focus on English and math is that college-entrance exams in the United States assess English and math almost exclusively. By helping students become strong in English and math, English+ opens the door to college admissions in the United States for exceptional students.

Is there any cost for English+?
Yes, but scholarships are available. The program’s monthly cost is roughly R$500 and varies based on factors like the exchange rate and the availability of volunteers. Thanks to our generous donors, at the moment we are able to offer scholarships of up to 100% of the program’s cost for underprivileged, deserving students.

How are students selected for the scholarship program?
Students will be chosen for scholarships based on character and commitment, as expressed in their applications to the program. Those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged will be favored. Anyone in sixth through ninth grade (Brazilian middle school) from anywhere in Brazil may apply. Those who maintain strong grades and attendance in the program will keep their scholarships until the end of high school. Students’ chances to be awarded a scholarship do not depend on their prior knowledge of English and math.

What if a student is not selected for a full scholarship?
Scholarships are limited, and unfortunately we cannot offer full scholarships to all participants. Some may be offered partial scholarships, the value of which will depend on the quality of the student’s application and his or her family’s income.

Do students participating in the program need any special equipment?
No, only any smartphone to join live classes and complete online exercises.

Who teaches the courses?
Classes are taught by a range of individuals highly fluent in English: volunteer teachers from American schools in Brazil, Brazilian college students in the U.S., and Americans who teach in U.S. schools, among others.

What is the time commitment?
The program requires up to four hours per day, Monday through Thursday. Each day there are one or two hours of live class, plus up to two hours of work before or after class, with occasional light weekend work as well.

What is the application process for the scholarship program?
Students can enroll here by February 6, 2022 February 28, 2022. After creating an account, they complete a series of mandatory and optional steps to provide more information about themselves by this date. Applicants who complete all optional steps will have a greater chance of being selected for a scholarship.

How are students recruited for the program?
Teachers and administrators, as well as non-profits serving students in underprivileged neighborhoods, can direct sixth- through ninth-grade students here to apply for the program.

How can I get more information about the program?
Please contact us. Thank you.